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Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System

In 'Round the World Tennis, two hot air balloonist fly, high in the air and at dazzling speeds, around the world, and all the while they play a kind of aerial tennis. In place or ordinary racquets, large, rotatable paddles have been firmly affixed to their gondolas. There is no risk the paddles should fall off. A one or two player game that in no way resembles PONG for the Nintendo Entertainment System. CLICK HERE

A happy fun time game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Incompetent Bird Catcher tasks you with delivering many birds to customers eager for birds. But, through your incompetence, you have neglected to close the cage and all the birds have escaped and soon will fly far away from the train. You must catch them before nightfall when the train must depart, thereby pleasing the customers and restoring honor to the company. Enjoyment abounds in five levels. Look out... baseballs. CLICK HERE

Games for the Atari 2600

In Doom, a charming game of journalistic integrity, you are Johnny Doom, a cub reporter for the A-Z Morning Gazette. From loading up on hot leads at "A"'s office to interviewing the "t"eeming millions for quaint and sometimes profound human interest stories, your life is one of both thrills and enriching life lessons -- but look out for Jimmy the Juggler, from the Juggler Times. Though he only has one ball, his skillful performance is so mesmerizing it will make you forget all your stories! Distract him with some of you hot leads and make your getaway. Now if only your boss were so easy to make smile... CLICK HERE

Part of the Incompetent Bird Catcher franchise, in Egg Drop, the company at which the Incompetent Bird Catcher is employed is moving to a new location and must remove the eggs currently stored in the attic of the present building so that they may be relocated to the attic of the new building. To accomplish this, the management has decided that the eggs shall be thrown from the roof. As eggs are fragile, great care must be assumed by the employee stationed on the ground who is tasked with catching them. That employee is you, the Incompetent Bird Catcher. CLICK HERE

In SNATCHER 2600, a marauding band of Fabergé egg enthusiasts have turned purse SNATCHER to feed their habit. You, the most respected drag queen in the city, must rid the streets of the scourge with a hail of bullets so that you and your colleagues may resume your evening constitutionals without fear. Also, it is Halloween, so every purse SNATCHER is wearing a mask appropriate to the season. Surely, that is the game. It is most certainly not related to any text-heavy graphical adventure games of similar sounding titles that may or may not feature shooting minigames reminiscent to the game play seen here. Surely not.CLICK HERE

Games for Computers

Legend speaks of an SUV with a gas tank emptied of gas. A PetroQuest to fill that tank did our valiant SUV owner take which led him e'en into the plains of the dinosaur. There struck him his well and he did drill into the bosom of the earth in search of oil. CLICK HERE

Your ghost enemy stole your ghost clothes while you were in the ghost shower. Now you are The Embarrassed Skeleton (skeletons are naked ghosts). Find your clothes without being spotted by the other ghosts. Dazzling CGA color graphics! Two exciting methods of play! 1) A standard game with levels designed by humans for humans. 2) A randomized game that only machine perfection may enjoy. Also includes a level maker for would-be level makers to make levels. CLICK HERE

Journey into the past, to a time known as the '90s and place legend speaks of as Middle School, where until it was modernized when Mr. Podoboo was half-way through the 8th grade, the computer lab was populated by mythical beasts known as IBM PS/2s, whose diminutive 286 brains could little comprehend your "Riven" or your "Age of Empire". Young Mr. Podoboo, errant programmer, devised for these brutes games of a simple nature that even they could play. Who then could know that in the distant future, after a millennium had passed, one of those very games would be uncovered, edited only slightly, and released unto the world to be enjoyed again. CLICK HERE

Over Under is a desktop game for Windows 3.1 based on a card game Mr. Podoboo and his friends played and -- as far as we knew -- made up when we were children. The rules are quite simple: Each player is dealt a hand of ten cards. The dealer then turns over the next card in the deck and puts it on the table. The first player must choose a card from his hand that is either one over or under the card on the table. The card he picks becomes the new table card. The next player repeats the process, then the next, and so on until everyone is down to one card. The player with the highest final card is the winner. A deceptively simple game but one where strategy is very important. CLICK HERE

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