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Over Under is a desktop game for Windows 3.1 based on a card game Mr. Podoboo and his friends played and -- as far as we knew -- made up when we were children. The rules are quite simple: Each player is dealt a hand of ten cards. The dealer then turns over the next card in the deck and puts it on the table. The first player must choose a card from his hand that is either one over or under the card on the table. The card he picks becomes the new table card. The next player repeats the process, then the next, and so on until everyone is down to one card. The player with the highest final card is the winner. A deceptively simple game but one where strategy is very important.

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._.`. Download .`._.

Click here to download a disk image of this game

This is a desktop game for Windows 3.1 . You can play it on a real Win3.1 system if you can copy the disk image to real floppy disk, or you can play it on a virtual system using a virtualizer like Windows Virtual PC (with MS-DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.1 installed) or an emulator like DOSBox (with Windows 3.1 installed -- you can also install MS-DOS, but DOSBox's own DOS is good enough for most Win3.1 things)

._.`. Installation Instructions .`._.

To install on a real computer running Windows 3.1:

1) Copy the contents of the image onto a floppy disk (using WinImage or some other program like that).

2) Insert the disk into the Windows 3.1 computer's A drive

3) From the Program Manager's File menu, select "Run..."

4) Type "A:\SETUP.EXE"

(Alternatively, from the Program Manager, double-click Main, double-click File Manager, single-click the A drive, then find and double-click "SETUP.EXE")

5) Follow the instructions.

To install on a virtual Windows 3.1 computer running in DOSBox:

1) From the DOS prompt, type

imgmount a "c:\path\to\OverUnder.vfd" -t floppy
and press <ENTER>.

2) Start windows (type


Continue from step 3 above

To install on a virtual Windows 3.1 computer running in Microsoft Virtual PC:

1) From the "Floppy" menu, select "Capture Floppy Disk Image..."

2) Find and open "OverUnder.vfd" in the browse dialog that pops up

Continue from step 3 above