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Journey into the past, to a time known as the '90s and place legend speaks of as Middle School, where until it was modernized when Mr. Podoboo was half-way through the 8th grade, the computer lab was populated by mythical beasts known as IBM PS/2s, whose diminutive 286 brains could little comprehend your "Riven" or your "Age of Empire". Young Mr. Podoboo, errant programmer, devised for these brutes games of a simple nature that even they could play. Who then could know that in the distant future, after a millennium had passed, one of those very games would be uncovered, edited only slightly, and released unto the world to be enjoyed again.

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Click here to download the EXE for this game.

This is a game for MS-DOS . Since it's text-base, it should still be able to run from a command window on a modern Windows machine, but I'd recommend DOSBox for a better experience.