It is a sad day. GuestWorld, which hosted over 2 million guestbooks in 1999, shut down in 2012 and took my little guestbook down with it. But all is not lost! Thanks to Matt's Script Archive, I've got a new guestbook that I know isn't going anywhere.


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this webpage design is the best ever. way better than those crappy modern sites. 10/10
hell, fu USA - Wed Dec 28 17:40:29 2016
i must say, i am highly intrigued at the website that stands before me, what there is, what there was. like a... mystery! whether it will stay that way or not, we will see. but thank you nevertheless, for the moment of stimulation.
USA - Sun Oct 23 20:32:34 2016
hey I don't know if you still check this stuff but your site is great, and I watch your alone in the dark lp every couple of months it is genuinely the single greatest LP on the net.
United Kingdom - Wed Oct 7 23:45:45 2015
This site is amazing. I can't tell if it's intentionally this silly and 90's, or if you just happen to be the best at mimicking the style. Sad to see your youtube channel is dead, but thanks for the LP of Super Mario Bros. Special!
Taylor <>
Pleasureville, KY USA - Sun Jul 5 12:23:49 2015
Hello! My boyfriend and I love your Alone in the Dark Let's Play. :) Your site's a hilarious throwback to simpler times!
USA - Tue Mar 17 05:06:23 2015
Thanks for the entertainment on YouTube!
Pat Fitzgerald <>
Limerick, PA USA - Wed Nov 12 06:52:50 2014
Love your website! Thank you for the transcendent walkthroughs and Let's-Play's Mr. Bonoboo!
TheRenegadeRainbow <>
USA - Sat Oct 4 02:42:52 2014
Hello, I liked your youtube videos very much. i admire your dedication for deatails, your slow pace and knowledge. I too have tried various ways to kill and get killed in the game. Did you know you can lure a zombi from the dining room to the front door, and make the worm-hole in the front door kill him? and if you are quick enough to go back, the worm-hole will not suck you in. Regards, Dani
Dani <>
USA - Sun Sep 28 00:35:59 2014
There's not much like this these days... -w-
Nick Lovan <>
Frisco, TX USA - Fri Jun 13 20:08:44 2014
This is exactly what I had in mind.
Al Gore
USA - Wed Jun 13 19:54:10 2012